HC- 7 Surface lithium

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HC- 7 Surface lithium

30,25 (30,25 VAT included)

With triple action: hardener / densifier / anti-dust. Penetrates up to 2-3 cm. inside the concrete, densifying and hardening all that area for an effective protection of the entire surface against humidity, dust, dirt, etc.

Also suitable for restoration and consolidation of concrete, stone, marble, terrazzo and artificial stone facades


For use on facades, objects and vertical surfaces, directly spray the product on the area to be treated and let it dry.

Spray or spread all over the surface by a roller or mop

Leave on for a few minutes without letting it dry

Buff with a high speed polishing machine fitted with a FASTERDIAM #3 (1800) diamond pad or a normal white fiber pad until completely drying to get a semi-brilliant finish.