HC- 6 Concrete hardener EXTRA LITHIUM

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HC- 6 Hardener / densifier – extra lithium

39,45 (39,45 VAT included)

For concrete and cement surfaces and also effective on any material with a significant calcium carbonate content. It penetrates through the micropores of the surface by capillary action, compacting and internally hardening the material to optimum levels for total protection against the appearance of salts and penetration of dust. It also optimizes the surface for further polishing or additional waterproofing.


Apply the product before the last step in the polishing process. Spread the HC-6 until the pavement become saturated, let dry for a few hours and remove the residue, finishing the polishing with the last diamond resin pad. The product can also be applied at any time to harden the concrete, even when not performing a polishing work.
COVERAGE: 10 to 15 sq.meters per litre depending upon the porosity of the floor.

Concentration approx solids 20%


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