HC-9    Waterproof sealer for concrete

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HC-9 Waterproof sealer for concrete



HC-9  is a waterproof sealer whose application over concrete floors and surfaces provides a highly lasting protection against wear and abrasion, avoiding considerably the penetration of stains caused by water, greases, acids etc. And leaving a semi-brilliant and anti-slipping finish. (old AB-9)


Instructions of use:

For use after the last stage of diamond polishing DO NOT APPLY UNDER DIRECT SOLAR EXPOSURE.  Apply in temperatures between 12 and 28ºC.  The surface must be dry and clean.  Spray the product over the surface and buff with a floor polishing machine fitted with a white fiber pad, until drying and achieving the required sealing and shine.  A second application may be necessary when applied on very porous surfaces. .  The final consolidation of the coating will happen after 7 days from the date of application.  Do not use acid cleaners on the treated surface.


COVERAGE:  from 20 to 30 sq.meters per litre depending upon the porosity of the surface


Technical Sheet HC-9

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