HC-4  Concrete cracks filler

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HC-4 Concrete cracks filler

33,52 (33,52 VAT included)

Repairs small holes and cracks within the polishing process.


Apply in the middle stage of polishing process, after grit 120 or 220.

Pour the product next to the head of the machine so that it mixes with the water in a ratio from 1: 1 to 1: 2 with respect to the amount of water used.

Carry out the polishing normally, using water mixed with HC-4 CONCRETE CRACKS FILLER. While mixed, HC-4 generates a sludge that penetrates and fills the pores and cracks in the concrete.

After finishing the polishing with that 120 or 220 grit, continue polishing normally with the successive grits and using only water.