HC-3 Acrylic Latex

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HC-3 Acrylic Latex



Additive for hydraulic mortars . This is a product based on acrylic resins which improves the properties of mortars, particularly the plasticity and adhesion in fresh as well as flexibility and strength of the cured material. It also increases the impermeability of the mortar and prevents loss of water, which results in a seamless uniform curing. Reduces the amount of water required for the mortar, which provides a better fluidization and an increased compressive strength, as well as more resistance to abrasive wear.



Mix the product previously with water in a container that must be thoroughly clean and free of dust or any kind of particles.  The mixing ratio depends on the thickness of the mortar layer:

Layer thickness

10 to 20 mm. : 5%

5-10 mm: 10%

1-3 mm. : 15-20%

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