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The new generation of eco-friendly pads

Diamond pads for cleaning, shining and periodical maintenance of surfaces

Without use chemical products – JUST WATER

Suitable for all kind of low and high speed polishing machines and scrubbing machines

FASTERDIAM #1 –  Yellow – Deep Polishing

Maximum abrasivity for removing deep scratches, resins, glues, wax coatings and grease or oil stains.

FASTERDIAM #2 – Pink – Smoothing

Medium abrasivity for removing surface scratches and for a deep cleaning of the floor, getting the surface ready for further treatment stages.

FASTERDIAM #3 – Blue – Conditioning

Very low abrasivity for cleaning and obtaining a semi-brillant finish of the surface, leaving it ready for the daily maintenance.

FASTERDIAM #4 – Grey – Shining and Maintenance:

For an ultra-shinny finish and for the periodical maintenance of the surface. It can be used on all kind of marble, terrazzo, concrete and synthetic surfaces.