DC-1  - Decapante ácido

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DC-1 – Acid stripper

13,55 (13,55 VAT included)

DC-1  – Acid stripper is highly concentrated stripper suitable for deep cleaning of very encrusted dirt. It easily removes gypsum, concrete, calcium, mineral salts, rust stains etc., etc. Being specially recommended for building site final cleaning.


For ceramic: Use the product pure

For stones:  Dilute 1:1 parts in water.

Do not dilute or mix with other products. Pour the product and let it dry about 7 minutes. Rub with shining machine fitted with black pad or hard brush. Then remove the waste and rinse with much water

Other surfaces: impregnate a cloth or a soft scrubber with the product (diluted or undiluted as appropriate) and rub. Once dry rinse with plenty of water.


Technical data sheet DC-1