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CR-7 System – Crystallization for granite



The CR-7 System – Crystallization system for natural granite floors it’s a system composed by two products: CR-7A (powder) and CR-7B (liquid) which must be used together for obtaining a perfect crystallization on any kind of natural granite floor.



The surface must be clean and dry. Shake the container strongly before using. Do not dilute or mix with other products. Apply about 20 gr of CR-7 A (powder) per sq m. And mix it with approx 25 c.c. Of CR-7 B (liquid). Buff with a single rotary machine fitted with a steel wool pad “0” on dark granites or a white fibre pad on medium and light coloured granites until desired level shine is achieved.


Technical data sheet CR-7-A  /  Technical data sheet CR-7-B

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