CR-11 - Cristalizador base antimanchas de cal

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CR-11 Base crystallizer and stain remover

25,17 (25,17 VAT included)

The CR-11 – Base crystallizer and stain remover removes most of the salt and lime stains which may appear in the marble floors coming from the back side of the tiles, leaving the floor internally sealed for avoiding the apparition of new stains. It also makes the surface more compact and harder, improving the results of the further crystallization of the surface, specially in porous and soft marbles and limestones.



Shake the container strongly before using. Do not dilute or mix with other products. Pour or spray a little quantity of CR-11 (approx. 40 ml.) On a surface of about 2 m2, spread the product uniformly with a shining machine fitted with a steel wool pad and rub until the product gets completely dry.  Repeat the process until covering all the surface to be treated.


Technical data Sheet CR-11