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AG-280PRO is an extra-powered version of the AG-280

907,50 (907,50 VAT included)

The AG-280PRO is an extra-powered version of the AG-280. Because of this increase in power and weight, this machine is capable of carrying out integral polishing work including the phase of grinding with metallic diamond abrasives. Likewise, it offers its usual excellent performance in crystallization, polishing and cleaning works, keeping its versatility on steps and small areas of difficult access.


These machines are based on a strong metallic structure and equipped with motors powerful enough for any kind of work such as, stripping, cleaning, polishing, diamond grinding and crystallizing work, on all type of surfaces.


Direct transmission through gears further increases the reliability and virtually eliminates the risk of breakdowns and the need of maintenance over other belt drive systems. Likewise, the lateral location of the motor increases the pressure on the periphery of the disc, which considerably improves performance in polishing and crystallization works, obtaining an even better shine.


Silent running and very easy to use, these machines are ideal for both, professional use in tough working conditions, and for domestic use by non-experienced people. The machines are supplied with the driving plate and can be fitted with brushes for different uses.

To obtain the best and brightest results with these machines, don’t forget to always use diamond abrasives and chemicals for crystallization, cleaning and maintenance from ABRASIVOS AGUILA.


DIAMETER 280 mm (11”)
HP / W / VOLT / Herz 1 cv  –  750 – 230 – 50
R.P.M. 155
WEIGHT in Kg 28
WIRE in mts 8