Epoxy adhesive system

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A-EPOX-2K – Epoxy Putty



Adhesive system with excellent characteristics for bonding marble, granite, quarzo, porcelain and ceramic materials for both interior and exterior. It also has a good coloration with pigments and excellent alkali resistance.


To handle it, always use individual protection systems (PPE), gloves, goggles and a mask. Read the instructions for use carefully:

In a separate container, mix component A (resin) and component B (catalyst) in equal parts (1: 1 ratio) *

Use 2 spatulas (completely clean) to handle each component separately.

Mix the components vigorously, if you want to pigment add the desired amount of color and mix again. Proceed to use. During mixing use clean tools.

Attention: Once the mixture has hardened, it cannot be removed with solvents. To separate, do so mechanically or at a temperature higher than 200ºC

* An excess of any of the components acts as a plasticizer and can cause staining in marginal areas and damage the reaction.