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26,62 (26,62 avec les taxes incluses)

The Oilstop  –  oil and water repellent sealer (Solvent based) is a highly effective impregnator which completely seals the pores of all kind of stone surface, even very porous materials such as sandstones.
It does not change the natural look of the surface, but avoids the penetration into the stone of oils, vinegar, greases, paint and all kind of external agents. To be used on kitchen and bathroom tops, showers, etc.



The surface must be clean and dry. Don’t mix or dilute with other products. Apply on the surface by using a piece of cloth or a roller impregnated with the product, and let it dry. After a few minutes, the treated surface will recover its original tonality and will be sealed and protected against the penetration of external agents.

Specially recommended for the protection of kitchen and bathroom tops, and façades.