HC-8   Nano lithium

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HC-8 Nano lithium



Penetrates up to 5 cm. inside the treated surface, densifying and hardening all that strip from the surface to the inside. Provides a very high protection against moisture, dust, dirt, deterioration and efflorescence. Due to its great resistance to wear, it is especially recommended for areas that support intense and heavy traffic, to which it provides maximum protection against erosion and external agents.



HC-8 is applied once the diamond-resin polishing process has finished up to grit 800 or grit 1800 and after a previous surface treatment with lithium hardener (HC-5, HC-6 or HC-7) in the middle stage of the polishing.

The floor must be clean and dry (recommended 24 hours after polishing). Spray HC-8 on the surface to be treated and spread with a microfiber mop, creating a thin and uniform layer. Let it dry between 15 and 30 minutes depending on the room temperature and then buff with a floor polishing machine fitted with a white pad or a very fine grit diamond pad to obtain a shiny and durable finish with high resistance to water absorption and stains.

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