HC-2  -  Bonding bridge

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HC-2 – Bonding bridge



Primer used as a bonding bridge for adhesion of concrete or mortar to other materials.


By roller, brush or low pressure spray gun. The product must be generally used UNDILUTED but, if necessary, dilute with 10% water and 90% HC-2

Apply at a temperature higher than 5ºC and relative humidity lower than 80%

The floor must be clean, consolidated (without loose parts or in poor condition) and be free of water, but not dry.

Apply one or two coats of HC-2, leaving a uniform film and avoiding leaving the layers too thick. Let it dry for 1 hour at 20ºC before applying the second component to be bonded.



New concrete with old concrete

New mortar with old mortar

Mortar with concrete

Concrete or mortar with plaster or diverse materials

For use in vertical cladding: joining partitions with pillars


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