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EASY-DIAM® restoration pads



WHAT ARE EASY-DIAM®PADS? (see how to use)
EASY-DIAM® restoration pads are based in a new technology which consists in the application of a special resin mixed with high-abrasivity diamond powder which becomes integrated among the fiber filaments of the pad, shaping three or four diamond sectors, regularly disposed over the working side of the pad, and infiltrated inside up to 5 mm. deep.

This  composition allows the pad to work in a totally flexible way on all kind of marble floors,  adapting itself to all the irregularities of the surface, and  completely avoiding the risk of breaking or detaching the diamond parts.

EASY-DIAM® restoration system consists in three pads of high, medium and low grinding power plus a pad for glossy finishing with the following characteristics:

PAD #1 (red sectors): highly abrasive pad to be used on very damaged marble or terrazzo floors, will remove deep scratches, stains and other imperfections from the surface.

PAD #2 (yellow sectors): medium abrasive pad for the removal of  small and light scratches and those made by pad #1, leaving a completely smooth and well prepared surface.

PAD #3 (blue sectors): low abrasive pad for the final polishing work, enhancing the natural colours of the marble and providing a highly brilliant finish, also used for daily maintenance.

PAD  #4 (beige sectors): non-abrasive pads for ultra-shiny finishing which replaces the chemical products used for crystallization.

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